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We’ve found many companies do great with search ads but struggle with Google Shopping. Rocket 31 partners with your existing Paid Search team or agency to cost-effectively manage only your Google shopping ads. We ensure your Shopping Ads strategy stays up on the latest Google changes and dominates the auctions you want to control.

Our Google Shopping Campaigns Include

Product Feed Setup

We will take care of that complicated product feed. We'll make sure all of your products show up when they're supposed to.

Merchant Center Setup

Setting up Google Merchant Center isn't always easy. We'll do the heavy lifting for you.

Campaign Setup

We'll launch your products and make sure you're bids are generating sales.


When a user views one of your products, we'll make sure they keep seeing it until they're ready to buy.

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The Goal Is Sales, Always

How do you know how your Google Shopping account is performing?  We'll produce a monthly report delivered to your inbox, with the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) highlighted just for you. You may run into agencies who will tell you it’s all about branding and ad views. At Rocket 31 we've come a long way from basic branding, and we optimize for actual conversions (sales). We don't waste your money on meaningless vanity metrics.

Google Shopping Experts

Rocket 31 can help you put the spotlight on your products by developing and executing a campaign strategy that is optimized to increase conversions while driving down your cost per conversion. We take over full management of your product listing ads, and combine our experience with industry best practices to maximize your results and increase sales.

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